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MSM/DMSO: MSM cancer prevention and treatment for Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer

There are currently more than 300 alternative cancer treatments available, many of which are more effective against cancer than traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

People wonder why after the billions of dollars used to fund the "War on Cancer," that President Nixon started in 1971/72, has not yet produced a cure for cancer. Have researchers been looking for more profitable treatments for cancer or have they actually been looking for a real cure for cancer?

Research suggests that MSM has shown great promise as an alternative treatment to chemotherapy and radiation treatment for fighting cancer.

It is a well known fact that research costs huge amounts of money and the only real money available for extensive research and clinical studies comes from these major pharmaceutical companies.

Until recently there has been very little research and clinical trials done on the effects of MSM on humans. This is due to the fact that the major pharmaceutical companies are not willing to provide funding for research that would prove there is a natural nutritional sulfur substance that can be used to not only effectively treat cancer, but has also been shown to be effective at preventing cancer.

MSM has had more than 30 years of research done on it...

     Extensive cancer research done at Oregon Health Sciences University  by the Doctors Stanley Jacobs and Robert Herschler, on laboratory rats for both colon and breast cancers, has shown that MSM significantly slows the developement of both mammory and colon tumors when the animals were given chemical substances that are known to cause cancer.

MSM did not prevent the cancer but did delay the onset of the tumors substantially...

    In the breast cancer studies, MSM delayed the onset of the tumors by 100 days. When you translate the life span of rat years to human years, this shows a delay that is the equivalent to 10  human years. Much more research is needed to determine whether MSM can slow the progress of cancer in humans.

DMSO has the ability to change a cancer cell...

    This process is called " maturation ", which means that if you expose a cell to DMSO you can alter it in some way. This makes it possible to use DMSO to reduce the dosage of a chemo therapeutic agent. Several clinics in Europe and South America use DMSO for this purpose, but this research has not yet been done on MSM.

Extensive Cancer Research for MSM Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane can be found at the United States Library of Medicine

Bergstrom Nutrition maintains the world's most comprehensive, seachable database of full-text articles on MSM and DMSO. This database, updated and expanded continuously by our director of scientific affairs, Dr. Jeremy Appleton, is a valuable resource that enables Bergstrom to provide expert scientific support to our business and research partners. For further information you can visit their website at

The link below is to a website that is dedicated strictly to alternative cancer treatments. This is a totally non-profit website that sells no products. There you can find a list of the more than 300 alternative treatments for Cancer which can give a cancer patient (given up on by orthodox medicine) hope for survival, it can be found in the top section of the home page of this web site.

MSM is one of the most effective alternative medicines on the market...

     It can reduce pain and inflammation by up to 80% or more without the risk of side effects or drug interactions. To find out more about the benefits of MSM Sulfur, Current Research studies, and Clinical Trials on MSM Sulfur got to the MSM Guide Portal located at


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