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Eight years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia....

The pain was so bad that I was forced to go to half days at work. I was on a long list of prescription medications and pain relievers, none of which had any effect on my pain levels. I was wearing knee supports, wrist braces, heel cushions and ankle supports to help ease the pain in my joints.

We found out about the MSM from my parent's dentist, and decided to give it a try. Within 3 weeks time, the fibromyalgia symptoms had totally disappeared. Three months later the pain from my RA had improved so much, that I quit taking all of my prescription medications.

I have now been on the msm for a year and a half, haven't had to wear any of my joint supports for more than a year. I have started working full time again, and gave up my handi-capped parking permit as I am no longer in need of it. It is wonderful to wake up feeling good in the mornings again, instead of waking up feeling like I'd been hit by a Freightliner truck. I have gone back to my rheumatoid doctor (Doctor Leanna Jones, N. Interstate Kaiser, Portland Or.) every 6 months for a check up, and she says my joints look great.

Carol L. Kern   Vancouver,WA.  360-253-6681


Three years ago when I began taking MSM, I had diabetes......

     That required 3 Gliburide pills a day; wounds took forever to heal; my right knee was so arthritic that the doctor told me eventually I would have to have it replaced. Absolutely all I've changed about my lifestyle is the addition of 1-2 teaspoons a day of MSM. My wounds now heal quickly, I'm off Gliburide (my Dr. said at my last appointment that if he didn't know better he'd be tempted to say I no longer have diabetes) and I had knee surgery last month to repair torn cartilage (last winter's snow got me) where the doctor found only two small areas of arthritis. I can only credit the MSM. I now have my wife-one of my sons-my 90 year old aunt-my 73 year old dad-and several friends using it.  I am a fervent believer in the wonders of organic sulfur in the form of MSM!!

  Mike Thompson     Portland, Oregon


"I have tried numerous nutritional supplements.........

and have never noticed any benefits from them. I started using the msm for my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia pain and inflammation. What I didnít realize was that the body will use the msm benefits for whatever purposes the body needs the most. While I was waiting to see the effects that the msm would have on my pain and inflammation, I didn't see the results that I had anticipated. Instead of relieving the pain and inflammation, I (later) noticed that a constant sciatic nerve pain was no longer there. I also no longer had a problem with extreme heartburn and acid reflux. After 2 extensive TMJ surgeries over a 10-year period, I had severe pain in my jaw and face. After starting the msm; I no longer had this pain. My allergy symptoms no longer existed and I did not have the severe and constant headaches I had been plagued with for many years. It took quite awhile before I started seeing the msm results for the pain and inflammation due to the arthritis and fibromyalgia."

  Carol Crist North Bend, OR     Portland, Oregon


"MSM is the only nutritional supplement I have ever seen any benefit from.......

When I tried the MSM powder supplement, I was very skeptical. After just a few days I noticed a major difference in my pain levels. The msm did more for my pain than any of the prescriptions I have used in the past. MSM has made it possible for me to go back to doing things I enjoy such as hiking, jogging or working in the yard."

 D. Wilson, Myrtle Creek, OR


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Msm Products: We carry only OptiMsm from Cardinal Nutrition, the only 99.9% Ultra-Pure MSM officially licensed for human biological use under the R.J. Herschler Patents.

The msm you purchase from us will always be 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane nutritional sulfur and will never be cut with any other ingredients. A copy of the certificate of analysis is available upon request.